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The Baby In Yellow

The gameplay of The Baby In Yellow

Transform into a babysitter in The Baby In Yellow. Take care of the baby for three days and take caution with frightening things in the house.

If you are a big fan of horror games like Rogue Within, don't ignore this game. In this game, you will become a babysitter whose mission is to take care of a baby while his parents are away. However, it seems that the house is hiding scary things. Therefore, you need to be careful and try to survive for three days.

  • Day 1: On the first day, after you feed the baby, change his diapers, take him to bed, and take care of him, you hear a crying sound. Therefore, you decide to go around the house to check it out. Surprisingly, the baby is not in his bedroom. Let's find him and take him to bed again.
  • Day 2: On the second day, you need to complete all similar tasks. However, when the room went dark, the baby disappeared. He is teleported near the stairs, so try to find him and take him to bed. Finally, wait for his parents to come home.
  • Day 3: On the third day, after completing all tasks as usual, you take a break by watching TV. However, you hear the crying sound again. At this time, you must go to the baby's bedroom and calm him down. Next, you need to feed him, but he suddenly turns into a satanic form. The baby is being controlled by an evil force. Therefore, you need to find the talisman in his parent's room and use it to exercise.

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How to control

Press the arrow keys to move.

Press an E key to interact with objects.