The playing rules of Tired To Fall

Are you for an exciting adventure with a little leaf in Tired To Fall? Help the cute leaf climb on the tree and find his buddies along the way.

Climb on the tree

Autumn is coming. Almost all the leaves on the tree drop. However, one leaf is too tired to fall. Therefore, he wants to climb on the tree and talk with it. He starts his interesting adventure and invites you to join it now. You must control the cute leaves to jump on the branches of the tree to reach the yellow fungus. Be careful with spiky chestnuts, acorns, and cannon mushrooms. They will hurt you, so you must jump or fly to evade them. Besides, you can find your buddies along the way. Then, you can plant them and then jump on them to reach higher platforms. Note that you can plant multiple leaves to create a ladder.

Like Moto X3M, this game also has many levels. There are 11 challenging levels in this game. You need to complete all levels and ask the tree's father why he got rid of leaves every year. The tree said that he didn't want to get rid of his kids and just wanted his kids to become a tree.

How to control

Press the spacebar to start to play and fly.

Press the left-right arrow keys to move to the left or right.

Press an X key to jump.

Press the C key to launch and plant the leaf.

The creator and platform

This game was developed by Alessandro Pezzetti who also made Break The Siesta. It also played on the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.