Turbo Moto Racer is an entertaining driving game offering many game modes and cool bikes. Drive your motorcycle across the city to finish different missions.

All game modes in Turbo Moto Racer

At the start of the game, you need to select between four game modes that have different playing rules.

Career Mode

The first mode in this game is the Career Mode. Like Moto X3M, this mode also requires you to complete many levels. There are 41 levels. In general, when playing these levels, you need to complete four missions. They are to reach the finish line in time, ride a certain distance within a limited time, overtake a certain number of cars, and reach 8 max combos in 45 seconds. Drive your motorcycle to complete these missions to obtain a lot of money and experience points.

Time Trial Mode

The second mode is the Time Trial Mode. At the start of the game, this mode is locked. You must accumulate as many experience points as possible to raise your level to level 6 to unlock this mode. If you want to unlock the two-way road in this mode, you must reach level 24. Your mission in this mode is to go as far as possible within a limited time to earn a lot of money. The further you can go, the more money you will obtain.

Endless Mode and Free Ride Mode

The third mode is Endless Mode which is unlocked after you reach level 2. The racetrack in this mode is endless like Drift Boss. You must evade vehicles on the highway and go the furthest distance. Besides, Free Ride Mode is also one of the game modes in this game. It is unlocked after you reach level 14. The gameplay of this game is fairly similar to the Endless Mode. You just need to drive your motorcycle to go around the city and enjoy the landscapes.

How to control: Press the WASD keys to drive the motorbike.

The bike shop in Turbo Moto Racer

Buy your favorite motorcycle

If you visit the bike shop, you can buy many kinds of motorcycles. They are Aura, Toma, Frod X, KWS RH2, AGS 4F, DCT 8910H, YNH S1, Artil TP4, FX 10S, ZZF 1400, and so on. They have different prices and designs. For example, the FX 10S motorcycle is green and costs 350,000 dollars while the Artil TP4 motorcycle is green and more expensive. In addition, their features are different. The CBN 1000R motorcycle is white and costs 200,000 dollars while YNH S1 motorcycle is orange and has a price of 500,000 dollars. Therefore, you should think carefully before purchasing your suitable motorcycle.

Customize your motorcycle

You can pay 500 dollars to upgrade the power, handling, and braking of your motorcycle. It helps to increase the speed and safety of your motorcycle. Additionally, you can change the color of your motorcycle. Buy new stickers to decorate your motorcycle. Note that each sticker costs 100 dollars. Finally, you can buy new gloves.