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Twisted Cooking Mama

The introduction of Twisted Cooking Mama

Twisted Cooking Mama is an interesting cooking game as well as one version of the Cooking Mama series. Make a Thanksgiving feast and delicious tofu.

At the start of the game, you need to make a Thanksgiving feast. First, let's prepare the turkey. You must pluck the feather from the dead turkey and then remove the internal organs. Then, you must cut the throat of the turkey. Next, you will crack the eggs and deposit them in the bowl. Then, mix these eggs with other ingredients and stuff the mix into the turkey. Finally, cut the head of the turkey and place it on the stove to cook. Remember to turn off the stove when the turkey is cooked. After that, you need to make the giblet gravy.

After cooking a Thanksgiving feast, you need to make the tofu. First, you must grab chunks of tofu and crumble them. Then, you must shape the tofu and fill the baster with sauce. Place this tofu on the stove to cook it. When this tofu is cooked, you need to turn off the stove. Note that the time to cook this food is limited. Therefore, you must be quick to gain the highest possible score.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to play.

The message that Twisted Cooking Mama brings

Unlike other cooking food, this game brings a meaningful message. It is that turkeys have unique personalities, just like dogs and cats. Some are social and some are loners. People who live with turkeys in animal sanctuaries report that they even have varying tastes in music. When playing this game, you can see how gross it is to kill turkeys. Therefore, let's take the pledge to be veg.