The playing rules of Uphill Rush 12

Welcome to Uphill Rush 12 which is the twelve version of the Uphill Rush series. Drive the car to race at the amusement park and gather as many coins as possible.

If Uphill Rush 8 takes you to a waterpark, this game will take you to an amusement park. In this amusement park, you need to drive your car to race on stunt racetracks. Your objective is to reach the finish line and collect as many coins as possible to gain three stars. The coins you collect can be used to buy new skateboards, motorcycles, cars, and horses. Moreover, you also need to upgrade the acceleration, speed, boost, and balance of your vehicles to reach the finish line faster. Moreover, like Uphill Rush 9, the shop in this game also sells many characters who are handsome guys and beautiful girls. You can use your coins to buy your favorite character and then join the car races.

How to control

Press an up arrow key to increase your speed.

Use left-right arrow keys to move to keep balance.

Use a down arrow key to slow down your speed.