About Uphill Rush 8

Uphill Rush 8 is the eighth version of the Uphill Rush series featuring more challenging levels. Rush to the finish line at a fast speed and collect coins.

The playing instruction

The summer is coming. Let's go to the waterpark and race on water slides. You will sit on a pool boat and rush as fast as possible to the finish line. You need to go through red flags which are checkpoints. If you unexpectedly fall off the water slide, you will re-emerge at the nearby checkpoint. You can see a speed button at the left of the screen. Click on it to accelerate your speed greatly. You can meet other people while racing. They are also enjoying their holiday in this waterpark. Do not hesitate to crash into them to earn coins. Moreover, you can hit balls floating in the pool to earn more coins. Collect as many coins and money as possible while racing in the water slide. Another way to earn coins is to perform impressive air stunts.

The number of stars you claim depends on the time you reach the finish line. The sooner you can cross the finish line, the more stars you can get. If you can get to the finish line within 46 seconds, you will claim 3 stars. If you reach the finish line later, you will obtain 2 stars or a star. Accumulate as many stars as possible to raise your rank on the leaderboard.

The game was developed by Agame and was initially released on October 27, 2021. You can play this game on the web browser. Use your PC or mobile device to play the game.

How to control

Use an up arrow key to increase your speed.

Use left-right arrow keys to move to keep balance.

Use a down arrow key to slow down your speed.

Exciting facts about Uphill Rush 8

All levels

Unlike the previous versions, this installment has 20 challenging levels. You need to go around the island and complete all levels. The final level takes place on the ship. In general, although the terrain of the racetrack of each level is different, the obstacles on them are similar. Therefore, you can apply the same strategies to win all levels in the game. Play the game now and let's enjoy your summer on paradise island. Besides, our website presents Drift Boss which is an interesting racing game.

The shop

In the shop, you can buy new characters. There are 69 characters who are cool guys and beautiful girls. You can use your coins to buy your favorite characters. Moreover, you can buy new pool boats in the shop. These pool boats have different colors and shapes. Buy your favorite pool boat. Then, you need to upgrade its acceleration, speed, balance, and boost. Note their maximum level is level 3.