The playing instruction of Uphill Rush 9

Check out Uphill Rush 9 which is the ninth installment of the Uphill Rush series. Ride a horse to start a new adventure on the farm and collect gold coins.

This game is the sequel to Uphill Rush 8. In this new version, you will go to the Western farm. You will ride the horse to return to the stable. Along the way, you need to collect the coins and green gems. Moreover, you can hit the chickens and pumpkins to earn more coins. Accelerate the speed to get to the stable in the shortest time to earn three stars.

In this game, you also need to complete 20 levels and traverse the Western village. The higher the level, the more challenging it is for you to get three stars. You must ride the horse at the fastest speed to win the levels and gain three stars. This game was developed by Azerion and released in February 2022.

How to control

Use an up arrow key to accelerate the speed.

Use a down arrow key to decrease the speed.

Press the left-right arrow keys to keep balance.

Press the spacebar to activate the boost.

The characters and vehicles in Uphill Rush 9

Unlike other versions, the shop in this game sells many kinds of vehicles such as horses, skateboards, cars, motorcycles, and hovercrafts. These vehicles have different prices and cool designs. You can use your coins to buy your favorite vehicle to travel in the village. Besides, don't miss to upgrade the speed, acceleration, balance, and boost of your vehicle. Furthermore, the coin can be used to exchange with new characters such as cowgirls, cowboys, knight girls, tuxedo boys, celebrities, sports boys, basketball guys, elf girls, and so on. Choose your favorite character to become the most impressive guy or girl in the village.