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Doodle Champion Island Games

All mini-games in Doodle Champion Island Games

Explore the Champion Island with a little kitty in Doodle Champion Island Games now. Challenge 7 champions, defeat them, and restore balance to the island.

In this game, you will play as Lucky, who is a feline athlete. You go to Champion Island to participate in a festival. On this island, you are required to find 7 gates to meet 7 sports champions. Challenge them to join different mini-games and try to defeat them. Here are some main sports in this game and their playing rules.

  • Skateboarding: You need to go to Tanooki City on the island to join the skateboarding competition. You must ride the skateboard to do tricks to earn many points.
  • Artistic swimming: In the Undersea Castle of Bridge Garden, a swimming contest is taking place. You will compete with the princess to dance artistically to gain the highest score
  • Climbing: You should go to the Northern Mountain to take part in a climbing competition. Climb as fast as possible to reach the top of the mountain before Fukuro, who is the climbing champion, does that. Note that he will use a ladle to throw snowballs at you. Therefore, you need to evade these snowballs to avoid falling.
  • Table Tennis: In the table tennis contest, you will compete with other athletes to hit a ball. If you cannot pass the ball back to your opponent's side, your rival will gain one point. Similarly, if your rival can not do that, you will gain one point. Do your best to gain more points and defeat Tengu who is the champion of table tennis.

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How to control

Press the arrow keys to move or dance.

Press the spacebar for a power shot.