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Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival

It's time for crushing all things

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival is a survival game that takes you to derbies with zombies. Get ready to crush all the zombies you encounter in this game.

How to play

An outbreak of a pandemic turns people into zombies. Up to now, this disaster has lasted 1618 days and almost everything has been destroyed. Zombies roaming and different objects are the image you often see when moving on the road. Your mission is to control your military vehicle to move on the streets and search for supplies. Crush all obstacles ahead whether it's ugly zombies, wooden crates, or buses.

Your military vehicle is equipped with a machine gun. Use it to shoot bullets at zombies and kill them. In addition, collisions with zombies and other obstacles can cause them to be destroyed. However, it also damages your military vehicle. If you make too many collisions, the car will degrade and explode. Upgrading your car using coins will help you kill more zombies. In addition, the battles with zombies in Highway Racer are also very tense. Come and help kill zombies.

Instruction to control

  • Move your vehicle with the up arrow key or W key.
  • Press Space to launch the vehicle's weapon.


There are 4 achievements that you can achieve in this game including First Steps, Butcher, Stuntman, and Flip Master.

  • First Steps: You will receive a bonus of 600 gold coins if you complete the tutorial.
  • Butcher: Killing 800 zombies in the game will get you 900 gold coins.
  • Stuntman: Doing 10 backflips will also get you 900 gold coins.
  • Flip Master: 900 gold coins to be awarded to you if you make 10 front flips.