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Grand Vegas Simulator

The playing instruction of Grand Vegas Simulator

Play as a policeman and drive a police car in Grand Vegas Simulator. Complete different missions to protect the security of Las Vegas and earn a lot of money.

In this game, you will transform in Las Vegas. Your target is to protect the security of this city. You must drive your police car to go around and accept different missions. These missions can be to arrest criminals, go through checkpoints, and so on. If you want to arrest criminals, you need to chase and hit their cars constantly. Note that you must finish the assigned mission within a limited time. If you cannot do it, the mission will fail and you will get nothing. Therefore, you should follow the direction arrows or look at the map to avoid getting lost and accomplish the missions in time. You will be rewarded a lot of money after a mission is completed successfully.

Your money can be used to buy another police car in the garage. There are a total of 10 cars sold in the garage. You can buy your favorite car and customize it.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to drive the car.

Press the spacebar to use the handbrake.

Hold the shift key to increase the speed.