Description of Hard Truck

Join the Hard Truck game to practice and test your truck-driving skills. Are you confident enough to drive your truck to your destination safely?

Instruction to play

If you are a driving game lover or have a passion for vehicles, Hard Truck will be a game that you cannot ignore. This game acts as a test of your driving skills like the Drive Mad game. It offers a lot of different environments as well as dangerous tracks. Those tracks are designed in the air, broken, and uneven. Your task is to control your truck on those dangerous tracks. Overcome challenges to reach the finish line while your truck stays safe.

Levels in this game

The game includes 30 levels and each level will have different challenges for you. It is sure that the following challenges you have to go through will be more difficult than the previous ones. Conquer all 30 levels and prove your truck driving skills. This truck driving simulation game not only helps you improve your truck driving skills but also helps you have interesting moments after a day of hard work and study. Have a great time!

Control: Hold the left mouse button to control the truck to move.

Advice to play

  • It is very easy to overturn the truck if you control it moving too fast. When this happens, your truck will definitely break. Therefore, you must try to control the speed of the truck so that it can reach the finish line safely.
  • Practice your truck driving skills by playing this game over and over again. When you fail by an obstacle, you will know how to overcome it next time.
  • Turn the sound on or off in the top right corner of the screen.