The gameplay of Silly Walker

Transform into a giant robot and protect the Earth in Silly Walker now. Approach the dragon and defeat it to earn many coins, and gems and unlock new skins.

In the laboratory

The dragons appear and destroy everything on the Earth. As a gifted scientist, you made a giant robot that is strong enough to fight against the dragon. However, you should prepare well before entering the fight. You need to use the coins to upgrade the speed and power of the robot. Then, choose between two weapons which are a gun and a sword. Then, enter the robot and ride it to stand on the launching pad.

In the battle

After standing on the launching pad, you will be teleported to any city on Earth. In this city, you will encounter the dragon. You must ride the robot to approach the dragon and use the sword to hit it. Try to knock out the dragon and kick it to fly as far as possible. The further the dragon is kicked away, the more coins and gems you can get.

How to control

In the laboratory: Hold the left mouse button to press the WASD keys to move.

In the battle

Hold the left mouse button and then release it to move.

Click the left mouse button constantly to increase your fighting speed.